Mechanical Watch Intruduction

Manual mechanical watch, hand-winding movement, the watch by turning his head, the full string watch movement on the primary winding, the mainspring is completely exhausted after running the gears, push the to go.

Pay attention to take notes

pay attention to take notes: in the naughty children's park marked place at fort installed "passenger notice", after carefully read again, do not climb over the fence.On the front passenger must wait outside in the security fence, volunteer to line up, people must not go over the fence.

Solar Watch Intruduction

pay attention to safety inspection marks: according to the regulations of the state, with amusement and children's amusement regular inspection cycle is one year, all who pass by safety inspection amusement facilities, by quality and technical supervision departments issued by security conformity inspection mark, and paste in striking place amusement facilities, visitors not to take not inspection, inspection is unqualified, or are not check rides.

Deal may facilitate

 follow service personnel command: passengers up and down according to the command order of staff.When boarding, please pay attention to the head and feet, so as not to knock against or falling.

White orchid fragrance

 Yi Chufang - Jun Hao perfume inspired by flowers, fresh fruit and wood aroma. Fragrance smell slightly bitter, may be added to the sake of benzoin, but the magic is lavender, white orchid and other bright taste then divergence.

Men's perfume which is best to smell

pay attention to fasten your seat belt: before moving amusement facilities don't rob grabbed, fasten your seat belt when you ride, check to see that the safe and reliable, his hands clenched as it runs safety handle or other safety devices, safety belt must not be solved.

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