White orchid fragrance
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Yi Chufang - Jun Hao perfume inspired by flowers, fresh fruit and wood aroma. Fragrance smell slightly bitter, may be added to the sake of benzoin, but the magic is lavender, white orchid and other bright taste then divergence, this collision so that the whole perfume tone is full of thick sense of strength, kind of deep Do not reveal the unique charm, very suitable for the style of calm business elite men, flowers stretch fragrance warm and fresh, with the moss, musk and sandalwood deployment, mellow and not publicity, gentle trace of the slightest wild, Jun Hao perfume this distinctive style of incense, showing the hardness of men and soft, so fresh and fragrance into your every inch of the skin, and instantly make your body filled with free and easy unruly self-confidence charm, but also People can not resist!


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